Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc) and how to best parent our adolescent kids as it becomes more and more a part of their lives is still a relatively new frontier. The good news is with a little knowledge and some sound advice, parents can make a big difference in guiding teens to keep their online interactions safe and positive whilst avoiding potential pitfalls.

Echuca College will be providing our parents with access to a new online video series Adolescents on Social Media – A Guide for Parents as part of our ongoing commitment to promoting the safe and responsible use of internet-connected devices to students.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing videos from the series that will provide lots of practical knowledge and suggestions to assist in better understanding how young people are using social media, and what parents can do to ensure they are using it responsibly. 

In the first short video, youth worker and cyber safety advocate Jamie Roberts describes the allure of social media for young people in helping us better understand why many are spending so much time using it. The growing need to manage online reputations is explored along with an insight into the developing adolescent brain. 

The video’s are available on our facebook page or by clicking on this link   copies can also be borrowed from the school on DVD, please contact the office.