Welcome back all students!!

On Tuesday 9 June Echuca College welcomed back all students after 8 weeks of remote and flexible learning. While our senior students have been back for a couple of weeks, it was nice to once again see classrooms full of students in all areas. Students appeared happy to be back on-site and were welcomed at various entry points by all staff at the start of the day. Most things remain the same at the college like classrooms, timetables, subjects, bell times and teachers. Some things are now quite different like social distancing in the canteen line, bubble taps being switched off and being dismissed in groups of five. Students and staff are also practicing good hand hygiene to keep everyone safe.

At Echuca College students displayed our college PRIDE values in their actions today, in the way they interacted with each other and made such a positive start to on-site learning for all student in Term 2.