Year 11 and 12 students participated in our Flying Start program.  The aim of the program is to encourage students to set goals for the year and to prepare students for the challenges ahead. The program combines study skills with motivational, organisational and resiliency strategies to give senior school students the tools needed to maximise their academic results.

The program also aims to develop resilience, grit and study habits to help students prepare them for the rigours of senior academic study.   We aim to help students understand the power of sustained effort through developing a growth mindset and to develop grit so that students persist in the face of challenge and adversity.

We believe in the importance of the parent, student and teacher relationship and provided programs for teachers and parents to help them support the skills taught in the program.

Students are encouraged to remember and recall the message using the acronym – B.E.S.T;

Belief: to raise their expectations & standards & develop the inner confidence to perform at their best in school & life

Excellence: systems to manage themselves & their workload efficiently

Study: a tool kit of highly effective & easily implementable study techniques to measurably maximise their study scores

Toughness: a variety of mental strategies to help students become resilient in the face of adversity & to bounce back from failure.