The One and All Debutante Ball is on this Friday night the 14th of October.  It is at the St Mary’s Auditorium and Debutantes and their partners will be presented at 7.15pm.  Tickets are available for purchase at the front office. Echuca College has a number of Year 9, 10 and 11 students assisting the debutantes back stage or by being a partner.

They are:

Year 9 Curtis Hayes, Mitch Lake

Year 10 Brianna Creed, Trent Campbell, Kane Upton, Sophie Harding –Davies, Sasha McCoy, Lochlan Stenhouse, Holly Thompson, Stephanie Warren, Claudia Wood, Connor Brown and Courtney Loader.

Year 11 Shae Bambridge

These students are doing an amazing job of showing commitment to an activity that brings joy to others. They have spent 8 weeks rehearsing, laughing, dancing and talking with students from Echuca Specialist School and Murray Human Services on a Wednesday night.

We hope all Debutantes and their partners and also helpers have a wonderful evening.