Congratulations to our successful Cross Country team winning the SSV Campaspe District Cross Country Shield for 2016.  Our team performed very well, Lily Hindson won the 13 girls, Archie Reid won the 15 boys and Fletcher Kelly won the 20 boys.   All our runners represented the College in an outstanding fashion and we are very proud of their performances.

Other Results;

13 Boys; Bailey Steele 8th, Rory Van De Zand 10th, Levi Dixon 11th, Alexander Graham 14th and Gabriel Gallimore 17th

13 Girls; Lily Hindson 1st, Jacquelyn Taylor 2nd, Jessica Zlateff, Kasey Conder 13th and Charlotte Batchelor 21st

14 Boys; Todd Langborne 4th, Aiden Mills 6th, Patrick Kervin 7th, Mason Jennings-Case 18th and Caleb Mills 23rd

14 Girls; Hollie Davidson 2nd, Sarah-Jane Taylor 5th, Lara Judd 9th, Kelsea Gordon 21st, Madi Elliott 23rd, Bree Styles 25th and Brooke Walgers 26th

15 Boys; Archie Reid 1st, James Whitehead 3rd, Cooper Arkinstall 7th, Kyal Accurso 12th and Jack Steele 13th

15 Girls; Jessica Gould 4th and  Ebony Wagner 10th

16 Boys; Trent Campbell 3rd, Maddy Walsh 5th, Connor Brown 8th and Alec Moss 9th

16 Girls; Jessica Davidson 4th, Lauren Dawes 8th, Kiara Duncan 9th and Amee Hardess 14th

20 Boys; Fletcher Kelly 1st, James Nettleford 3rd and Mitchell Robinson 8th

20 Girls; Courtney Johnson 9th