After an extensive interview process our 2015 Beacon Leaders have been chosen. Congratulations to Reece Campbell, Tom Harris, Trent Campbell, Jess Davidson, Angela Favaloro, Stephanie Chong, Luke Judd, Kelly Gould and Tyler Thompson.

Cheryl Sweeney representing the CCLEN and the Beacon Foundation was a member of the panel and sent through the following comments;

“Thanks again for inviting me to be involved in the interview process at your college. I was also blown away with the calibre of the students and how they conducted themselves in their interview. The genuine willingness to help others and be involved in the community was very strong.“

Our leaders participated in a Leadership day with leaders from other schools, below is an extract from one of our leaders speech to our Year 10 students.

To mark the beginning of our involvement with the 2015 Beacon program, we had a leadership day. The leadership day was designed to outline exactly what the Beacon Program is and what we as leaders would be required to do. To start off the day we had a range of guest speakers including three former Beacon Leaders. These students gave an insight into what the program involved last year and what we should expect this year. They also answered some very important questions when the time came. Beacon Board Chair Sue Turner also spoke to us about the expectations of a Beacon Leader and how the program benefits students. Sue also spoke about the history of the Beacon Foundation and how the Echuca-Moama program is unique as it is the only program that unites three schools. As the day progressed we integrated with the students from the other schools and participated in activities that taught us more about ourselves as leaders. We learnt about leadership and the qualities of a good leader and how we would be expected to apply these qualities while involved with the program. Throughout the day we were often split into groups. This encouraged us to socialise with the leaders from the other schools. We also practiced our public speaking skills which will come in handy at future events. After lunch we went through the calendar of events for 2015 which Steph previously spoke about. We then went on to plan for our first event, The Business Breakfast. This will take place on Friday 13th of March. Overall the Leadership day was a great way to begin the 2015 beacon program and has definitely given all 22 beacon leaders a better understanding of what the next 12 months will hold.